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We are a small breeding farm located between Houston and San Antonio in the small community of Hallettsville, TX. We have show quality horses with great pedigrees containing crosses to The Minstril, Moniet El Sharaf, AK Khazar,  Nabiel, Amaal, and the great Nazeer. We have been raising and showing arabians and half arabians since 1975, but it wasn't until 1993 that I got my first straight egyptian arabian. Our family lived in Port Lavaca most of our lives and then we moved to a cattle ranch in Hallettsville in 2000. Our ranch has lots of room for all of our beloved animals. The mares and foals have 20 acres with lots of trees and wildlife. The foals learn how to deal with alot of unexpected things happening. With all of the trees, deer, coyotes, and wild hogs they learn to accept different distractions, which helps tremendously when they go to the show ring for the first time. Living 12 miles south of town ( in God's country ), we love to have vistors. After seeing the horses, if you have time, we will take you on a tour of the rest of our ranch. My husband loves to show off his cattle. You can contact us by email at gkarabians@aol.com or you can call us at 361-798-2899.